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Canada Strong’s 2019 Toronto Boulder Performance Camp

Longtime climbing coach, Chris Neve, has started a training company aimed at helping you perfect your performance. The company is called Canada Strong and is currently offering spots in a 2019 Boulder Performance Camp.

“One of the biggest struggles athletes have in climbing competitions is being able to have the performances they envision on the day they need to have them.

“This performance camp will work on the tactical and psychological aspects of competing at boulder competitions. Work will be done on mental preparation, competition strategies, and how to adjust these during a competition so that performance you are hoping for is not only possible but in your control.”

The camp runs from January 1 – 6, 2019 and will be held at Up the Bloc and Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Rock Climbing in the Toronto area for the training days, and at Climber’s Rock in Burlington where participants will also be able to compete at the annual BlocBuster competition on the weekend – all included in the camp fees.

Registration will be limited to 32 athletes: 16 females and 16 males. Athletes must be registered in Youth A, Junior, or Open with their Provincial Sport Organization to be eligible to attend this camp. Athlete registration will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the camp numbers are filled, we will place athletes on a waiting list in case a spot opens up. There will be no fee to be on the waiting list but if a spot does become available, athletes will have 24 hours to send their registration fees to secure a spot; if this is not received within the required time, the next athlete on the waiting list will be contacted.

A special offer to coaches: to facilitate the continued development of coaches throughout the season, any athlete that registers for this camp will be permitted to bring one coach to this camp at no cost. If more than one athlete registers for the camp, up to a maximum of two coaches from one gym or climbing program will be permitted. We are looking to establish a global approach to this program and welcome the involvement of many eyes to assist in the development of every athlete, and hope that the transfer of information from the program to the athlete can be made easier when their coach is also involved.

Coaches committing to this camp must understand that their involvement is expected to fall within the parametres of the program details and schedule: if you are going to join, you must commit to the details the athletes are also expected to follow. Separate coaching meetings and debriefs will also be held throughout the camp. Coaches will not be utilized in any other role than coaching: no judging, video recording, or other duties will be required, just your active participation in the program. Interested coaches can contact Canada Strong Climbing with their intent to attend and the name(s) of the athletes that have registered for the camp.

Fees will be $395 per athlete if registering by November 30, 2018. After this date the cost will be $450 per athlete. Fees will include: entry to Up the Bloc and Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Rock Climbing for the training sessions and new boulders each day for the competition training, a customized Canada Strong Climbing tank top or shirt from lululemon (if registration is received by November 30, 2018), and entry to the BlocBuster competition at Climber’s Rock.

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