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Canadian Bouldering Nationals: Three Days Away!

The Canadian Bouldering National Championships will be held at the Bloc Shop in Montreal and are only three days away.  

It’s an event not to be missed, during which you can admire the performances of the best climbers in the country.

On Saturday, March 21, nearly 200 competitors will try to win their ticket to the finals via the qualifying and semi-final rounds.

National Bouldering Championships Website

On the evening of March 22, they will be competing for the Canadian champion title and the entire event will be LIVE streamed so everyone can witness the action.

Furthermore, this event will serve as the selection process for the National Team that will represent Canada at the World Championships.

Today we look back at the Tour de Bloc that was held at Elevation Place in Canmore. Some of these athletes will be in Montreal this weekend. Can’t wait!

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