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Canadian Climbing Medicine Symposium Will Be Held in Squamish in August

The event will bring together coaches, athletes, and medical professionals to grow and share their expertise in climbing medicine

Photo by: Bonnie de Bruijn

After a pandemic-induced pause, the Canadian Climbing Medicine Symposium (CCMS) is returning in Summer 2023. The CCMS is run by Climbing Medicine Canada who’s stated mission is to “advance the art and science of climbing medicine, through knowledge exchange and collaboration between climbing health professionals.” This years’ symposium will offer “three days of content, discussion, and hands-on activities focused on sport climbing related health, medicine, social sciences and performance.”

The first CCMS was held in Toronto in 2017 and the second was held in 2019 in Squamish. This year’s event will run from Monday August 7 to Wednesday August 9 at Quest University in Squamish. The event is aimed at a wide range of participants—health professionals, sport science researchers, industry professionals, and coaches and athletes. A variety of sessions will be held over the three days, a few examples being:

– Injury statistics in climbers
– New trends in finger injuries in climbers
– Evaluation and conservative treatment of A2 flexor pulley injuries
– Shoulder injuries and outcomes in climbers
– Anatomy of a heel hook (with a movement lab)
– Getting strong or tired? A critique of finger strength training methods
– Targeted exercises to enhance climbing performance
– Energy system training for performance climbing

The announced speaker list includes:

– Dr. Yasser El-Sheikh
– Eric Hörst
– Dr. Herb von Schroeder
– Dr. Isabelle Schoeffl
– Dr. Volker Schoeffl
– Dr. Carrie Cooper
– Dr. Jared Vagy
– Dr. Tyler Nelson
– Dr. Craig Berman
– Steve Bechtel

To learn more and register for the symposium, check out Climbing Medicine Canada’s website.

Lead photo: Bonnie de Bruijn