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Canadian Lead/Speed Nationals in Quebec 2017 Results

The Canadian Lead/Speed Nationals took place at Canyon Escalade in Quebec over the weekend.

The big story is Alannah Yip taking Open and Emi Takashiba winning Youth C in Lead and Speed to add to their Bouldering championship wins. Both are 2017 triple crown champs.

Lead winner Sean McColl said after, “It was a great weekend here in Montreal. I tried to work in the background/shadows and concentrate on my own competition but it’s great seeing the other climbers in their element.”

You can find full results here, Open Results and category winners below.

Lead Female/Male Open Results
1. Alannah Yip / Sean McColl
2. Eva Thompson / Elan Jonas-McRae
3. Alyssa Weber / Nathan Smith
4. Chloe Earle / Jason Mah
5. Dana Monteith / Lucas Uchida
6. Sophie Buitendyk / Francis Bilodeau
7. Mikayla Tougas / Aidan Doyle
8. Bronwen Karnis / Kyle Murdoch
9. Elina Avramova

Speed Open Female/Male: Alannah Yip / Ryan O’Neill
Lead Youth C Female/Male: Emi Takashiba / Isaac Leff
Lead Youth B Female/Male: Indiana Chapman / Kindar McNamee
Lead Youth A Female/Male: Chloe Earle / Aidan Doyle
Lead Juniors Female/Male: Eva Thompson / Tosh Sherkat