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Canadians Advance to Bouldering Semis and Speed Results

Hundreds of climbers have pushed themselves in China over the past few days at the Youth World Championships. After three Canadians advanced to Semis in Lead, three Female competitors more made it to Semis for Bouldering after Qualifications. For Male, all athletes have advanced to Semis after the Qualifications were cancelled. Full results here.

Lia Wieckowskis, who made Lead Semis, has advanced to Bouldering Semis after placing 16th in Junior Female. In Youth A Female, Bronwen Karnis and Sophie Buitendyk have also advanced to Semis in third and 17th. The future of Canadian competition on the world stage is looking very good. Semis begin Friday at 7:30 p.m.

The Speed round took place on Nov. 10, with a number of Canadians competing. In Youth A Female, Sonja Johanson finished in 20 and Teyha Rogers in 23. In Youth B Male, Aidan Doyle finished in 20 and in Junior Male Isiah Desjarlais finished in 26. For overall speed results visit here.