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Compete in Psicobloc Open Series in Montreal this Summer

Psicobloc has been one of the most amazing and dramatic climbing competitions of the past few years, but it’s been reserved for invited pro-climbers.

Now a similar event is coming to Canada, except it’s open to anyone who wants to register to compete, not just pros.

Annually held at Park City, Utah, Canada’s version of Psicobloc will be heading to Montreal this summer sponsored by The North Face as Psicobloc Open Series, visit the website here.

The thrill-to-watch pro-competition is the brainchild of top climber Chris Sharma, who dreamed up the idea of having climbers free-solo up 20-metre walls over a swimming pool.

Outdoor psicobloc (deep water soloing) is a form of solo climbing over a (deep) body of water. Psicobloc is undoubtedly one of the most unique and purest forms of climbing.

Watch Sharma explain psicobloc and the the pro-competition:

Canada’s first psicobloc will be taking place at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Aug. 22 to 25 with about 300 competitors.

If you want to register to compete then visit here now!

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