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Compete in Livestream MoonBoard Masters

For the first time ever, a climbing competition will be held simultaneously around the world and livestreamed.

The MoonBoard Masters will stream from walls in New York, Japan, Spain and U.K. and you can compete along, if you have a standardized MoonBoard.

UKclimbing.com has an interview with Moon about the event. Moon says: The concept was my idea.The MoonBoard is a standardized training board that can be replicated the world over.

“This puts it in a unique position and allows any climber with access to a MoonBoard to climb on the same problems as each other.” Read full interview here.

UKclimbing.com outlined how the competition will work as follows:

The Competition Format: The day before the event (8th December) the MoonBoard is reset, with the MoonBoard 2018 setup, this is the first time anyone will have seen this setup, it will also become visible on the MoonBoard App and website for all users around the world.

Each team will have one hour to set two problems, one for the male athlete and one for the female athlete. Each team’s problems will be classed as a single round in the MoonBoard Masters competition.

Source: UKclimbing.com / Moon

Competition Day (Dec. 9): Teams at each location will take it in turns to climb a round of problems. Only when a team has completed the round, or reached their time limit, will the next team’s attempt begin. The male athlete will attempt the male problem and the female athlete will attempt the female problem.

Scoring: The Moon Board has 18 rows, each row is worth 10 points, if a climber gets to row 13, for example, they would get 130 points, if a climber gets to the top row and fails they would get 180 points. A climber gets an additional 20 points for completing the route, and if they flash it they get an additional 20 points.

You can watch the livestream below.

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