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Competitor Barbara Zangerl Injured at Psicocomp

Barbara Zangerl recently competed at the exciting Psicocomp in Utah with a number of other top comp climbers.

After she climbed to the top of the wall, she jumped from the 17-metre high-point into the bubbly Olympic pool below. Watch the clip below

Unfortunately, when she impacted the water she injured her back. She still competed after the jump but later felt tingling in her right leg.

“Today I had a MRI. The fall caused me three disc protrusions in my thoracic spine and an inflammation of my old disc injury… But they told me everything will be fine in a few weeks and I can climb again.”

This is the fourth Psicocomp event at Park City and every year, there have been close calls or injuries. One year, climbers hit the bottom of the pool because it was too aerated.

Psicocomp has been a part of the Outdoor Retailer for the past few years, but will remain in Utah when the Outdoor Retailer moves to Denver next year.