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Latest Comp Results: Lead, Speed and Tour de Blocs

Lots of competition action this past weekend. Climbers were back at it in Quebec with a speed event for all categories at Allez-Up in Montreal and a lead event for Youth B, C, D at Centre Multisports in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Ontario held its first local lead event for Open, Junior, Youth A, B, and C categories at Gravity Climbing Gym in Hamilton.

Also, Ottawa’s Coyote Rock Gym and Victoria’s BoulderHouse hosted local Tour de Bloc bouldering competitions.

Difficulty (Lead) Results from Gravity Climbing Gym

Open Men/Women
1. Rahul Sapra/Lia Wieckowski
2. Jake Tiger/Elina Avramova
3. Justin Martin/Charle Prosser

Junior Male/Female
1. Manh Ellis/Bea Evans
2. Nikolas Alaves/Cat Carkner
3. David Gilbert/Julia Bunko

Youth A Male/Female
1. Faolan Schaefer/Indiana Chapman
2. Colin Blythe/Ruby Tennen
3. Ethan Wyett/Riley Galloway

Youth B Male/Female
1. Benjamin Tonnos/Sydney Park
2. Ian Tan/Tara Pjevic
3. Owen Clouston/Mateja Vukojevic

Youth C Male/Female
1. Cole Macleod/Evangelina Briggs
2. Brody Rapkowski/Jacqueline Ho
3. Nathan Seto/Taylor Galloway


Difficulty (Lead) Results from Centre Multisports

Youth B Male/Female
1. Dylan Le/Léa Latour
2. Mathis Imbeault/Sophiane Bertrand
3. Yaoyang Wu/Mia Laprise

Youth C Male/Female
1. Benjamin Liss/Erica Di Renzo
2. Hugo Fortier/Cedar Hendry
3. Eliott Robert/ Alexane Royer

FULL RESULTS HERE from Centre-Multipsorts

Speed Results from Allez Up

A handful Youth B and C climbers competed two days in a row (lead on Saturday, speed on Sunday) and made the podium at both events. Keep an eye out for these motivated and talented young climbers: Hugo Fortier, Eliott Robert, Dylan Le, Mia Laprise and Sophiane Bertrand.

Open Men/Women
1. Émile Lévesque/Geneviève Phipps
2 Kiefer van den Bosch/ Sophie Valence
3. Francis Bilodeau/Aspen Hendry

Junior Male/Female
1. Carl Kristof Tessier/Caitlin Williams
2. Andy Charbonneau/Dana Monteith
3. Nicolas Descôteaux/Jacqueline-Ming Lafond

Youth A Male/Female
1. Aria Serra Panades/Aurélie Huppé
2. Hugo Valence/Mathilde Aubin
3. Sasha Coderre/Raphaelle Mathieu

Youth B Male/Female
1. Dylan Le/Mia Laprise
2. Antoni Ahélo/Sophiane Bertrand
3. Adrien Lévesque/Léa Fyrigos

Youth C Male/Female
1. Hugo Fortier/Laurence Cassivi-Pelletier
2. Maxime Therien/Inès Ferrarini
3. Eliott Robert/Ariane Fortin

Youth D Male/Female
1. Matviy Voshchykov/Zoë Chapman
2. Louka Boivin/Laurence Daudelin
3. Joshua-Daniel Lancrajan/____


Results from TDB BoulderHouse

Open Women/Men
1. Tiffany Melius/Brennan Doyle
2. Emi Takashiba/Tosh Sherkat
3. Becca Frangos/Aidan Doyle

BoulderHouse Tour de Bloc Qualifiers. March 23, 2019

Results from TDB Coyote Rock Gym

Open Women/Men
1. Alexandra Pierce/Yves Gravelle
2. Sue Brumm/Danny Latulippe
3. Michele Baranzika/Kevin Westermann