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Results from Alberta and Quebec Provincials

The FQME had its final competitions for both difficulty (lead) and speed disciplines last weekend. Audrey Larochelle and Nathan Smith were crowned Quebec’s Open lead champions. These two Bloc Shop athletes have had a great season; Smith came second and Larochelle came seventh at this year’s Open Bouldering Nationals. They will both be names to watch for at Lead Nationals next month.

Also crushing the lead season so far are Alberta’s Open lead provincial comp winners and overall lead provincial champions:* Jason Holowach and Paige Boklaschuk.

Because speed climbing is a relatively young discipline in Canada, the turn-out numbers aren’t as high as they are for lead. That said, those numbers are growing, especially for the younger age categories. Nadia Sparrow and Alex Fricker took home the top prize in Open at the Quebec Speed Provincials, held at Horizon Roc in Montreal. Second place went to Larochelle for the women, and Kiefer Van Den Bosch for the men. Rounding out the Open podium was Sabrina Thayer-Head and Francis Bilodeau. Both Fricker and Bilodeau were on the podium at Lead Provincials as well so, like Larochelle, they should be stoked with medals in both disciplines.

See below for more results and more double-discipline medal-winners. Up next weekend: Ontario and B.C. Provincials, after which we’ll have a good sense of who, country-wide, is on top of their game and ready to compete at Nationals at Allez-Up in Montreal, QC, next month.

Lead Results from Canyon Escalade in La Prairie, QC

Open Women / Men
1. Audrey Larochelle / Nathan Smith
2. Babette Roy / Francis Bilodeau
3. Kim Polisois / Alex Fricker

Junior Female / Male
1. Ève Laprise / Zachary Mathieu
2. Caitlin William / Raphael Demers Lapointe
3. Erin Locke / Olivier Paradis-Roberge

Youth A Female / Male
1. Aspen Hendry / Hugo Valence
2. Alyssia Bertrand / Émile Lévesque
3. Aurélie Huppé / Jérémy Bolduc


Speed Results from Horizon Roc in Montreal, QC

Open Women / Men
1. Nadia Sparrow / Alex Fricker
2. Audrey Larochelle / Kiefer Van Den Bosch
3. Sabrina Thayer-Head / Francis Bilodeau

Junior Female / Male
1. Sophie Valence / Zachary Mathieu
2. Caitlin William / Olivier Paradis-Roberge
3. Ève Laprise / Nathanael Tremblay

Youth A Female / Male
1. Babette Roy / Émile Lévesque
2. Geneviève Phipps / Hugo Valence
3. Aspen Hendry / Aria Panades Serra


Lead Results from Wilson Climbing Centre at U of A in Edmonton, AB

Open Women / Men
1. Paige Boklaschuk / Jason Holowach
2. Alyssa Weber / Stephen Chenier
3. Lily Trottier / Tyson Martino

Junior Female / Male
1. Katie Sutley / Tyson Martino
2. Amanda Sherwin / Dylan Bokenfohr
3. Paige Cegielnik / Carter Caisse

Youth A Female / Male
1. Paige Boklaschuk / Zachary Kokot
2. Lily Trottier / Tyler White
3. Grace Wieninger / Jakob Learned Lavoie


*The Alberta Climbing Association determines an overall provincial ranking based on the combined points earned from an athlete’s top two local events and the provincial event. These standings are slightly different from the results at last weekend’s competition and can be found HERE