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Throwback to Big Sends by McColl and Vest at 2018 Nationals

With 2019 Open Bouldering Nationals six weeks away, it’s a good time to get psyched by re-watching the excitement of last year’s event, held at Up The Bloc in Mississauga, Ontario. Many of you may remember the intensity generated by the last climbs of the last male and female competitors.

McColl had to top problem four in order to win. Seb Lazure and Nathan Smith had impressively moved through the opening volumes sequence with a swing and a foot-stab, which was the beta every competitor had used thus far. McColl comes out and blows everyone’s minds with his 1-2-3 monkey campus moves and, with the send (on his second attempt), earns himself the gold medal…again.

On the heels of this spectacular top, Allison Vest gets on the wall for a second go at women’s problem four. It is down to the wire. If she sends, she wins. With bated breath the crowd watches her powerful and determined climbing and erupts as she secures the last hold, along with her first Bouldering National Title. Check it out below.
2018 Open Bouldering Results Women/Men
1. Allison Vest/Sean McColl
2. Alannah Yip/Seb Lazure
3. Bronwen Karnis/Nathan Smith

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