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Cancelled: Drag at the Crag 2018 at Grassi Lakes

Drag at the Crag 2018 at Grassi Lakes on June 23

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled due to permit issues.

Drag at the Crag will be taking place at Grassi Lakes (MAP) in Alberta on June 23 to raise money for Equality Now.

“Come join us at Grassi Lakes to send hard and in style or just lend your support,” said the organizers Trevor Jones and Peter Moore.

“We’ll be dressing in drag and climbing to help raise money and awareness in support of gender equality with Equality Now.

“Raise awareness and show your support for equal gender rights across the world.”

This event is open to everyone so climbers dress to impress!

“We’ll be setting up a donation container at Grassi to collect cash donations on site, but you can also donate here.”

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Dress climbing pro tip: Belay loop hole.

Equality Now

Since 1992, Equality Now has advanced women’s and girls’ rights by:
– Combining legal advocacy with strategic litigation (taking carefully-selected cases to court to change laws and set legal precedents)
– Influencing policy makers to strengthen human rights laws and mechanisms
– Holding governments accountable to international human rights law and standards
– Elevating local advocacy to regional and international levels
– Building partnerships with local activists, organizations, and coalitions that are most familiar with the challenges and solutions in their particular communities
– Inspiring the public and the media to take action against human rights abuses