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First Lead Comps of 2017 at Ground Up and Stronghold

The competition season in Canada is flying by and we are already into Lead comps. The first of the year were an Alberta Climbing Association event at Stronghold in Calgary and the other was at Ground Up in Squamish for Gravity Wars II. Below are top six Open results from both.

Gravity Wars II Male/Female
1. Jason Mah / Mika Hosoi
2. Elan Jonas McRae / Amanda Berezowski
3. Kyle Murdoch / Tiffany Melius
4. Mason Pitchel / Tatiana Shilova
5. Nathan Hall / Chloe Earle
6. Aidan Doyle / Tehya Rogers
(Full results here)

ACA Stronghold Male/Female
1. Henri Freitag / Lisa Van de Panne
2. Dean Fost / Remington Irwin
3. Hunter McLaughlin / Alina Arvisais
4. Carter Colleaux / Emily Kay-Leighton
5. Dylan Dokenfohr / Katrina Sutley
6. Tyson Martino / Abigail Hoover
(Full results here)