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Historical Climbing Slideshow at Patagonia Banff

Mount Robson’s North Face on the left and Emperor Face on the right. Photo John Scurlock

On June 14, Gripped editors David Smart and Brandon Pullan will be giving a presentation at the Patagonia store in Banff.

The evening is a book launch for Smart’s new book Cinema Vertigo published by Imaginary Mountain Surveyors (based in Canmore), which he’ll be reading from.

Pullan will be telling stories and showing photos from his book The Book and Cold, which is about the 25 most epic alpine climbs in the Canadian Rockies and published by Rocky Mountain Books.

It includes stories about the Emperor Face, Andromeda Strain, the north face of Mount Temple and many more.

Smart will also be showing old footage from the 1943 film his novel is based on. Many will remember some of the amazing stories from his highly acclaimed A Youth Wasted Climbing, published by Rocky Mountain Books.

The Bold and Cold won the Jury Award at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival in 2016 and the bronze at the Pubwest Design Awards in 2017.

There will also be door prizes, free books and post-show beers!