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Ice Climbing World Cup 2015: Stage Three in Saas Fee

 Angelika Rainer and Maxim Tomilov won the third round of the Ice Climbing World Cup, which took place in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

saas fe

Canadian Gord McArthur did not make it to finals, but held on to his ninth place position in the overall rankings. After the comp McArthur said, “It was a tough day here in saas fee. Certain things went to plan, certain things didn’t. I know what to refine. You see, this game, there’s no end to learning, or refining. Every step is a step forward. There were a ton of upsets. This venue is always the hardest.” McArthur did manage to send his project Bichette D14, on his second try. “I’m super happy with this,” said McArthur.

Angelika Rainer won her fifth ever Ice Climbing World Cup in Saas Fee and Russia’s Maxim Tomilov has won every stage of the 2015 World Cup.

Ice Climbing World Cup Stage Two in Korea

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1 Maxim Tomilov
2 Alexey Dengin
3 Nikolay Primerov
4 Yevgen Kryvosheytsev

Women’s Results

1 Angelika Rainer
2 HanNaRai Song
3 Petra Klingler
4 Nadezhda Gallyamova

Full Results