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Ice Climbing World Cup 2015: Stage Two in Cheongsong

The second stage of the Ice Climbing World Cup 2015 took place in Cheongsong, Korea. Canadian Gord McArthur finished top 10.

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Photos by the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup

The Ice Climbing World Cup kicked-off the 2015 season with its debut at the Bozeman Ice Festival in December.

The athletes travelled to Korea’s Cheongsong Eoreumgol Valley for the second stage of the popular competition. The valley is one of the best ice climbing areas in Asia.

Ouray Ice Festival 2015

There were 50 men who participated in qualifiers and 29 women. The always strong Alexey Tomilov from Russia failed to qualify. Hometown favourite WoonSeoon Sin also failed to make it to finals. HanNaRai Song, another local, won the event for the women, while Mixim Tomilov won his second stage of the season for men.

Gord McArthur on the Bozeman Ice Fest

Canadian Gord McAthur, who placed fourth in Bozeman, finished in tenth overall. Nathan Kutcher, the only other Canuck at the comp, made it to semis, but finished last after an early mistake.

The Speed Climbing World Cup took place on Sunday and was swept by the Russians.

The third stage of Ice Climbing World Cup will take place next weekend at Saas-Fee in Switzerland. Then it heads to Rabenstein in Italy and Champagny in France before finishing in Kirov in Russia.

Men’s Finals Lead

Rank Name Country BIB Result
1 Tomilov Maxim RUS 51 10.300
2 Sypavin Valentyn UKR 60 9.292
3 Park HeeYong KOR 26 9.270
4 Han JungHee KOR 37 9.260
5 Kwon YoungHye KOR 27 8.230
6 Kuzovlev Nikolai RUS 45 6.160
7 Dengin Alexey RUS 39 4.110
8 Svoljšak Janez SLO 57 4.110
Men’s Finals Speed
Name Country R1 R2 Total Rank
Nikolai Kuzovlev RUS 06.50 08.62 15.12 1
Maxim Vlasov RUS 10.00 07.25 17.25 2
Women’s Finals Lead
Rank Name Country BIB Result
1 Song HanNaRai KOR 77 Top (9.00)
2 Lee MyoungHee KOR 79 8.200
3 Gallyamova Nadezhda RUS 96 7.180
4 Vlasova Ekaterina RUS 103 7.161
5 Kulikova Natalya RUS 98 7.161
6 Badalyan Liudmila RUS 93 7.161
7 Jary Coralie FRA 71 1.051
8 Mc Swiggan Eimir IRL 74 1.050

Women’s Finals Speed

Name Country R1 R2 Total Rank
Ekaterina Feoktistova RUS 11.18 10.10 21.28 1
Nadezda Smirnova RUS 13.68 12.04 25.72 2