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Ice Climbing World Cup: Stage Four in Corvara, Italy

The fourth stage of the 2015 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup took place on Feb. 1 in Corvara/Rabenstein, Italy.

The four-time 2015 winner Maxim Tomilov  Photo UIAA
The four-time 2015 winner Maxim Tomilov Photo UIAA

Canadians Nathan Kutcher finished in 15th and Gord McArthur in 21st, neither made it to finals. Maxim Tomilov has taken first place at every competition on the circuit this year. In second place for men was world champ Park HeeYong and in third was Maxim’s brother Alexey. For women, Angelika Rainer, who won the previous stage, took second place after the strong Korean Shin WoonSeon. In third, was Petra Klingler.

Full Results Men

Full Results Women

Ice Climbing World Cup Stage Three

The next stage will be taking place in Champagny-en-Vanoise, France.

WoonSeoon Shin, the world champ from Italy  Photo UIAA
WoonSeoon Shin, the world champ from Italy Photo UIAA

Top quotes after the event 

Gord McArthur: “This season has been crazy with inconsistencies. One minute your in finals or top-five or top-10 and the next minute you don’t make it past qualifiers. Both on the men and women’s side this has been happening. The game has changed dramatically in a pile of ways.”

Nathan Kutcher: “Rabenstein semifinals are over. I finished in 15th, which should be my final ranking for this comp. I’m both happy and disappointed with how I climbed. I know I could have climbed faster. I’m happy that I used all of my time and didn’t fall off, which is a first for me in semifinals.”

Angelika Rainer: “Today I gave my best, I climbed with no mistakes which was not so easy considering that everybody here hoped that I could win at home and obviously also myself wanted to defend my World Champion title. I’m happy with how I climbed, I thank the organizers for preparing this beautiful structure and event for us athletes, the audience for pushing me so much, my family for sustaining me and congratilations to WoonSeon who did a perfect climb.”

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