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IFSC 2016 World Championship: Trailer and Sean McColl Interview

The Paris World Championship runs from Sept. 14 to 18 and will have some of the best climbers competing. Canada has 17 athletes competing in one or more disciplines (Lead, Bouldering, Speed, and Paraclimbing) at the World Championships in Paris this year. Sean McColl (L,B,S), Elan Jonas McRae (L,B,S), Kyle Murdoch (L), Tosh Sherkat (L), Christy Spurrell (L), Alison Stewart-Patterson (L,B,S), Jaylene Pratt (L), Matthew Wellington (L) and Alannah Yip (L,B,S) from B.C. Annie Chouinard (L), Andre Difelice (B), Roy Lemke (P), Kate Sawford (P) and Nathan Smith (L,B) from Ontario. Allison Vest (B) and Stacey Weldon (B) from Alberta. And Sebastien Lazure (B) from Quebec.

The IFSC has done a number of interviews with climbers. Sean McColl is 29 and currently ranked seventh in Bouldering and fourth in Lead. In 2014, he was the World Cup and World Championship combined champion.

What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming IFSC World Championships? I am extremely excited to be competing once again in the Bercy stadium in front of such a wonderful crowd. I have great memories from this venue and I am looking forward to defending my Overall title.

How have you prepared for this event? Are you ready?! I prepared by taking the month of August away from the circuit. I was in Canada and I now feel well rested and very motivated for the rest of the season, starting with these World Championships!

Sean McColl Photo Will Johnson
Sean McColl Photo Will Johnson

Which Athletes do you think will be your biggest competition? As long as I’m climbing well myself, I don’t concern myself with the other Athletes. Assuming everyone else climbs successfully, I would bet it will be a great show in every final!

What would be a successful week for you? A gold medal around my neck!

Why should people attend the IFSC World Championships in Paris? It will showcase the best competition climbers in the world in one of the best arenas imaginable. Watch McColl climb in Paris. Tune-in for live streaming on Sept. 16 to 18.