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IFSC World Cup 2016: India’s First, Japan Crushes and Canada Makes Semis

The first IFSC Bouder World Cup in India took place this past weekend in Mumbai. A number of Canadians travelled to the historic event where Shauna Coxsey was hoping to win her fourth straight World Cup. After Qualifications, Elise Sethna, Alannah Yip and Sean McColl had advanced to Semis, but none could crack the top six spots in order to proceed to Finals. Canadians’ final standings were: Sean McColl in 10th for Male, Eric Sethna in 23rd, Elan Jonas-McRae in 24th and Will Johnson in 36th; Elise Sethna in 17th for Female, Alannah Yip in 20th and Allison Vest in 25th.

Coxsey had advanced to Semis in fourth, but for the first time in 2016 did not advance to Finals. After Finals, two Japanese climbers finished in top three for both Male and Female, plus another three in the top nine for Male. Finals results below and for full results visit here. Included are social media posts by Canadians who competed in India, click on the clips to watch.

Finals Results Female / Male
1. Miho Nonaka / Kokoro Fujii
2. Monika Retschy / Tomoa Narasaki
3. Akiyo Noguchi / Alexey Rubtsov
4. Melissa Le Neve / Jongwon Chon
5. Sol Sa / Rustam Gelmanov
6. Katharina Saurwien / Jeremy Bonder