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Indoor Weekly: 50 Photos from 2018 Boulder Nationals

Canadian 2018 Boulder champ Allison Vest Photo Aidas Odonelis

Sean McColl and Allison Vest are the Canadian 2018 Boulder Champions. They won the Boulder Nationals held at Up the Bloc on March 3 and 4 and are the

This is McColl’s 12th and Vest’s first National title and Vest’s first.

Click here to watch Semis and Finals replays and full results here. Finals results below.

Male/Female Finals
1. Sean McColl / Allison Vest
2. Seb Lazure / Alannah Yip
3. Nathan Smith / Bronwen Karnis
4. Alex Fritz (FN) / Madison Fischer
5. Jason Holowach / Alyssa Weber
6. David Trudeau / Becca Frangos
7. Franic Bilodau

Scroll through these 50 great shots by Aidas Odonelis from the 2018 Canadian Boulder Nationals.

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