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Indoor Weekly: Alberta Provincials in New Wild Gym

Spectators watch at Alberta Provincials 2018

The Alberta Lead and Speed Provincials took place at the new Calgary Climbing Centre’s Rocky Mountain facility on the west edge of Calgary.

A lot of people showed up to watch from the big space intended to host spectators.

Veteran climbers Jason Holowach and Eva Thompson took first place in Open and a lot of new names popped up across all age groups.

Here’s the Open podium results and winners from all categories.

Open Female/Male
1. Eva Thompson / Jason Holowach
2. Alyssa Weber / Alex Fricker
3. Paige Boklaschuk / Marc Eveleigh

Junior Boys Female/Male: Lisa Van De Panne / Alex Fricker
Youth A Female/Male: Paige Boklaschuk / Dylan Bokenfohr
Youth B Female/Male: Grace Wieninger / Logan Jones
Youth C Female/Male: Alexa Vanier / Lochlan Radstaak
Youth D Female/Male: Jorja Blumes / Evan Lau

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