Spectators watch at Alberta Provincials 2018

The Alberta Lead and Speed Provincials took place at the new Calgary Climbing Centre’s Rocky Mountain facility on the west edge of Calgary.

A lot of people showed up to watch from the big space intended to host spectators.

Veteran climbers Jason Holowach and Eva Thompson took first place in Open and a lot of new names popped up across all age groups.

Here’s the Open podium results and winners from all categories.

Open Female/Male
1. Eva Thompson / Jason Holowach
2. Alyssa Weber / Alex Fricker
3. Paige Boklaschuk / Marc Eveleigh

Junior Boys Female/Male: Lisa Van De Panne / Alex Fricker
Youth A Female/Male: Paige Boklaschuk / Dylan Bokenfohr
Youth B Female/Male: Grace Wieninger / Logan Jones
Youth C Female/Male: Alexa Vanier / Lochlan Radstaak
Youth D Female/Male: Jorja Blumes / Evan Lau

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