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Indoor Weekly: Champ Claire Buhrfeind Talks Climbing

Claire Buhrfeind recently won both Lead and Speed at the USA Climbing Open Nationals.

Before her trip to Red River Gorge last fall, she had never climbed a 5.14 before. During that trip, she sent Omaha Beach 5.14a, Lucifer 5.14c and Southern Smoke 5.14c.

From Plano, Texas, she’s been on the Texas Youth Climbing Team since she was 10.

About growing up with Team Texas, Buhrfeind said, “Being on Team Texas and coached by Kyle Clinkscales was an intense eight-year journey for me, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything–Cliché, I know, but seriously.

“The team environment, although very competitive, was full of love. Under the mentorship of coaches and older team members, I was encouraged to push my limits, to put in full, consistent effort, to invest in my relationships, and to give back to the team.”

She recently joined the Black Diamond team, more here.