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Indoor Weekly: Comp Climbers Can’t Request Ladders

If you ever wondered if a Bouldering competition climber could request a ladder to come down from the top a problem, well now you know, they can’t.

In the IFSC Rules 2018 handbook, it clearly states in section 3.2.7:

Under no circumstances shall special provisions be made at the request of any competitor, e.g. descent to the ground from the top of a boulder by a ladder.

Here are some other rules of the comp scene you might not have known about.

  • Competitors are not permitted to carry or use any audio listening equipment during observation and whilst climbing.
  • The climbing rope shall be connected to the competitor’s harness by a “figure of eight” knot, secured with a “stopper” knot.
  • Each route shall be designed:
    i. So as to avoid the danger of a competitor’s fall injuring the competitor, or injuring or obstructing any other competitor or third party;
    ii. Without any downward jumps
  • The Boulder Judge or organising staff shall clean all holds on a boulder before each competitor begins their first attempt. A competitor may also request that holds be cleaned before any attempt on the boulder. Competitors may clean holds that they can reach from the ground. Only brushes or other materials that are provided by the organisation shall be used for this purpose.
  • Only competitors who are or will be at least 16 years of age in the year of the competition and who hold a valid International Licence shall be eligible to compete in a World Cup competition.

Here are three reasons why 2018 will be the best comp season to date: