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Indoor Weekly: Comparing Styles of Puccio and Noguchi

In this video, OnBouldering.com analyzes and compares how Alex Puccio and Akiyo Noguchi climbed the same problem during the 2013 World Cup in Log Dragomer, Slovenia.

Noguchi is very precise with her moves and balance, taking multiple attempts at touching the holds to find the best way to hold it.

You can see that Noguchi tries to use her legs as much as possible and Puccio uses her upper body strength more.

This is a great film and a lot of credit needs to be given to OnBouldering for taking the time and effort to work with this content.

“Perhaps I went a bit too far, but once you start to really pay attention, all sorts of tiny details appear. In fact, there are many that I didn’t mention in the video because I noticed them while editing.

“Like, for instance, how Alex uses the undercling of the yellow volume to compress the volume and make the transition to the red one easier.”

What style do you think is more aesthetic and more efficient?

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