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Indoor Weekly: First Look at Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain

A new climbing gym is coming to Calgary and will be opening this summer, it’s called Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain.

“We are still targeting Spring 2018 for the open,” said a March 1 press release. ”

There is no specific date at this point. As construction goes there are many balls in the air, but know that we are all working tirelessly to open the doors and climb with you.”

The Calgary Climbing Centre (CCC) held a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday for a new Olympic-calibre facility in the city’s southwest about a year ago

Calgary Climbing Centre’s 25,000-square-foot facility will add 50 more employees to its current team of 150 working at its other gyms in the city.

“The intention of it is to host a training ground for the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo,” said CCC president Walson Tai.

“So a lot of that has been taken into consideration with the design of the building. We started the project in 2011. We’re really excited to actually get some ground broken today,” he said.

One in 10 Calgarians has been exposed to climbing, he said. The new facility is on West Valley Road, just west of COP.

Here are some photos from by Wiktor Skupinski at Latitude Photography of the mega new gym.

Building the exterior wall
Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain
Piecing the walls together