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Indoor Weekly: Mah and Frangos Take B.C. Provincials

The 2018 Sport Climbing B.C. Lead Championships took place this week at Richmond Oval near Vancouver.

Becca Frango and Jason Mah walked away with wins in Open, while Sophie Buitendyk and Devin Wong came in close seconds.

Below is Open Finals results and for all category results visit here.

Open Female/Male Results
1. Becca Frangos / Jason Mah
2. Sophie Buitendyk / Devin Wong
3. Mika Hosoi / Kyle Murdoch
4. Tiffany Melius / Ivan Luo
5. Christy Spurrell / Guy McNamee
6. Julia Massullo / Sean Faulkner
7. Lola Rabinovitch