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Indoor Weekly: Pros Give Five Tips for Gym Climbing

Shauna Coxsey and Leah Crane

Shauna Coxsey and Leah Crane visited the Plymouth Climbing Hangar to try the new facility.

While they were there we asked them to share their top five tips for getting off the ground.

In 2017, Coxsey won four Bouldering World Cups and the overall title. In 2009 and 2010, Crane was the British Bouldering Champion.

Watch the short video below with the top British comp climbers.

Tip 1: Put your shoes in your jacket when you get to the gym to warm them up.
Tip 2: Brush the holds because there’s so much chalk on the holds. Don’t try projects that are too chalky. Also, brush your holds after your done.
Tip 3: Make sure your landing zone is clear. Don’t fall off on anyone. Communication, tell other boulderers where you’re going on your route.
Tip 4: Try things you’re not good at. Keep it mixed up to improve at your weaknesses.
Tip 5: Warm up! Your body is a tool to go up the wall, so warm your fingers up, stretch and ease into the session.