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Indoor Weekly: Training for a One Arm Pull-Up

Hosting his first Training For Climbing video, 17-year-old Cameron Hörst presents a training progression for learning a one-arm chin-up and eventually the more-difficult one-arm pull-up.

Depending on your current level of strength, learning a one-arm pull-up could take weeks or years. “But today’s a good day to begin training to learn this rare feat of strength.”

Hörst started climbing when he was three years old and led his first sport route when he was six.

“I then set the goal to climb my first 5.13 before my 10th birthday, which I achieved with two months to spare,” said Hörst.

“At age 11, I climbed my first three 5.14a routes and advanced to 5.14b with my ascent of Raubritter in Frankenjura, Germany, when I was 14.”

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