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Indoor Weekly: Training with Tom Randall and Ollie Torr

The Lattice training system has a big following of users. In these videos, Tom Randall and Ollie Torr from Lattice works one on one with climbers to improve their performances.

Lattice was originally conceived to analyse whether a training program design was effective in international competition climbers.

A highly targeted period of training would be followed for a season, but come the end of the period it was very hard to measure the effectiveness of the training.

So much of climbing can written off as a factor of technique, tactics or psychology that sometimes it’s very hard to cut through the “noise” and work out what is really going on at a physical level.

Lattice took the methods of assessment and analysis out of the competition scene and applied it to boulderers, sport climbers and trad climbers.

They are always asking: What limits physical performance in the forearm? How is your blood lactate threshold level holding you back on your project? How much efficiency is it possible to get from each energy system when you’re already operating at the highest standards?

With these questions in mind, Lattice started collecting data from climbers and analyzing it in the context of our existing knowledge of sports science.

This has allowed them to pin point factors contributing to the best performances and, conversely, they’ve also found it astoundingly useful in identifying which physical factors are limiting many climbers out there.

Watch these videos that focus on how to improve power, strength and endurance.