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Janja Garnbret Sends New 5.14 in Slovenia

Janja Garnbret made the first ascent of Ninja želva 5.14b at Mišja peč in her home country of Slovenia this week. Shortly after her first ascent, Domen Skofic made the second ascent. He wrote on Instagram, “Last Saturday Janja Garnbret and I spent our last climbing day of the season in good old Mišja peč. (There is no photo of Garnbret on her new 5.14, but below is one of Skofic on the second ascent)

A photo posted by DOMEN ŠKOFIC (@domen_skofic) on

“We managed to tick off one of the last projects there. Janja made the first ascent and I right after the first male ascent. The route is called Ninja želva. We are totally out of grading shape but we think it’s around 5.14c.”

Garnbret, 17, is one of Europe’s leading comp climbers with a number of podium finishes this year. In 2016, she won the first three Lead events in Chamonix, Villars and Briancon and has won Legends Only. She has onsighted Avatar 5.13d, sent Scrat 5.14b on her second go and has ticked 5.14c with a send of Miza za šest.