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Julien Bourassa-Moreau and Émilie Pellerin Take Bloc Shop CEC

The Bloc Shop hosted an FQME and CEC competition on Nov. 12. Climbers came from all around Quebec and Ontario for the big event. Veteran and novice comp climbers went at it in a big Finals round. In the end, the strong Emilie Pellerin and Julien Bourassa-Mourea finished on top of the podiums. In second was Pia Graham and Seb Lazure, both familiar with podiums at CEC events. In third was Aggy St. Jacques from Montreal and Toronto-based Ayo Sopeju.

Open Results Female/Male
1. Emilie Pellerin / Julien Bourassa-Moreau
2. Pia Graham / Seb Lazure
3. Aggy St. Jacques / Ayo Sopeju
4. Tanja Lanz / Remi Chrusten
5. Kristina Jellema / Francis Bilodeau
6. Veronique Gosselin / Rahul Sapra
7. Jordan Skrok / Adam Tataryn
8. Alex Kuusela / Florent Balsez
9. Marie-Helen Tremblay / Nicolas Fournier

Finals results below and full results here. The next CEC event is on Nov. 19 at the CCC in Calgary and at Climb Base5 in Coquitlam, B.C. Full CEC 2016/17 schedule here.

Podiuuuuuum!!!! Congratulations @piagraham and @think_ele 2 and 3 respectively! #joerockheads #climbing #training #rockclimbing #community

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