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Michelle Kadatz and Jaz Morris Talk Alpine in Canmore Tonight

On Thurs. Nov. 22, veteran Calgary climber Michelle Kadatz will talk about some of her big climbs and travels at the Canmore Brewing Company in Canmore, Alberta. And New Zealand Alpine Team climber Jaz Morris will be talking about remote alpine in New Zealand.

Michelle started climbing 12 years ago in the Okanagan Valley. She has progressed from sport climbing in the valleys, to seeking adventure in high and wild places.

She currently resides in Calgary and continues to push her limits in sport climbing, hard ice and mixed climbing, or developing new routes. Prior to Patagonia she had been a member of expeditions to Scotland, Newfoundland, and Baffin Island.

In a story for the Alpine Club of Canada, Kadatz wrote, “When the weather was raging in the mountains we immersed ourselves in the sport climbing and bouldering around town with new friends, cooked food, and ate Calafate berries.

“Local legend states anyone who eats a Calafate berry will return to Patagonia one day.” Read the story here.

Jaz was introduced to the hills tramping in the Tararuas, north of his childhood home in Wellington but didn’t take to the mountains seriously until moving to Dunedin in 2008 and joining the Otago University Tramping Club.

He’s climbed big mountains in Peru, France, Canada and Australia. He began his technical climbing by exploring the frozen turf of the Darrans, which he’ll be talking about.

Facebook Event Page Here
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Canmore Brewing Company

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