The Canadain Open Bouldering Championships took place this past weekend at Rock Jungle in Edmonton. It was an intense few days of competition with some of Canada’s best climbers. Below are the top six from Finals and watch clips below by clicking on video.

Male/Female Finals Results
1. Sean McColl / Alannah Yip
2. JJ Mah / Allison Vest
3. Seb Lazure / Elise Sethna
4. Jason Holowach / Bronwen Karnis
5. Elan Jonas McRae / Alyssa Weber
6. Jesse Taplin / Eva Thompson

And with a successful title defence, @alannah_yip Crushed it all weekend long! #climbing #bouldering

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And still our National champion @mccollsean Congrats on his 10th title! #climbing #bouldering

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This weekend I pushed passed a lot of personal barriers. It has been a hectic year to say the least and I was insecure about competing without feeling completely prepared to succeed. • It is important to have goals and be confident in our abilities to achieve them, but, for me, it is even more important to let go of my expectations and accept that after all I have or have not done to prepare I may not walk away with the result I want. Taking this competition one round at a time and having fun with the process helped me relax and grow confidence climb by climb. Beyond excited to have secured a spot on the Canadian National team and walk away with a bronze medal. • A HUGE congratulations to @alannah_yip @allisonvest @seblazure @jj_mah @mccollsean and all the competitors for an incredible and inspiring performance. A thank you to the route setters and @rjf_climbing for one of the most fun competitions I have ever competed in 🎥@boilerroomclimbing

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