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New Barrie Ontario Gym Will Be Alt. Rock

Alt. Rock will be the newest addition to the growing number of climbing gyms in Southern Ontario. Located in Barrie, there will be auto-belays and a large bouldering space.

The gym’s founders are Jaclyn Kane and Michael Moore, who both work in local school districts.

“This was a big risk for us but we enjoy indoor climbing,” Kane told Barrie Today. “We like going to the gym. We have two young kids, a three and four-year-old. Right now if we want to do anything like this we have to get in the car and it’s about an hour away.

“The time is right. Bouldering, which is the type of gym that we are, is going to be in the Olympics in 2020 so we thought it was a good business opportunity to set up shop and do something before the Olympic rush comes in.”

Alt. Rock will have 6,000-square-feet of climbing space and will be located at 445 Dunlop St. West, Unit A. There will be a fitness area, classes and an on-site personal trainer.

The company Rockwerx Canada designed and constructed the facility. “This is a different design. For people who have been climbing for years, this is going to be exciting for them,” said Kane.

An adult day pass will be $20, a family day pass for two adults and two children $60 and there will be discounts for children, the military, seniors and students.

“We want this to be a community hub that’s inclusive to all,” said Kane. Visit the Facebook page here.

The dream team: @rockwerxcanada Bringing Alt. Rock to life!

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