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New Calgary Climbing Gym is Olympic Training Centre

The Calgary Climbing Centre (CCC) hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday for their new Olympic-calibre climbing gym near the Calgary Olympic Park.

The new facility will be a 25,000-square-foot cutting edge place for Canadian climbers to train. The new gym will have World Cup event Lead, Speed and Bouldering walls.

Calgary Climbing Centre at Olympic Park.
Calgary Climbing Centre at Olympic Park.

The president of the CCC, Walson Tai, said “The intention of it is to host a training ground for the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo.

So a lot of that has been taken into consideration with the design of the building.” Tai owns three other climbing gyms in Calgary, including CCC Chinook, Hanger and Stronghold.

Interior of Calgary's future Olympic Park climbing gym.
Interior of Calgary’s future Olympic Park climbing gym

“We started the project in 2011. We’re really excited to actually get some ground broken today.” The new gym will open in February 2018. It will feature an outdoor climbing wall.

There are a few other outdoor climbing walls in Canada, such as the one at Allez Up in Montreal. Bolder Climbing is another Calgary gym opening sometime soon. It will be a top-of-the-line bouldering facility.

CCC Rocky Mountain Official Groundbreaking going on. Congratulations Rhonda and Walson!

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