The IFSC Youth World Championships will be taking place from Aug. 30 to Sept. 10 in Innsbruck, Austria. There are over 1,000 registered climbers.

Kindar McNamee in Youth B Semis. Photo Shane Murdoch

The big event will have 24 category rankings where climbers from the around the world will compete head to head. Visit here to watch the live streams.

You can find all of the competition information here.

Ongoing Canadian Results
Male Youth A Lead: David Trudeau(79), Aidan Doyle(48), Manh Ellis(91)
Male Youth B Lead: Guy McNamee(Semis/14), Kindar McNamee(53), Victor Baudrand(Semis/Finals), Brennan Doyle(63)
Male Juniors Lead: Tosh Sherkat(55), Lucas Uchida(Semis/15), Kyle Murdoch(39), Alex Fricker(60)
Female Youth A Lead: Bronwen Karnis(32), Chloe Earle(59), Dana Montieth(69), Cat Carkner(63), Sophie Buitendyk(61), Aggy St-Jacques(79)
Female Youth B Lead: Riley Galloway(69), Indiana Chapman(Semis/20), Babette Roy(29)
Female Juniors Lead: Mika Hosoi(31), Eva Thompson(35), Zoe Beauchemin(51)
Male Youth A Speed: Sam Bouchard , Aidan Doyle(41), Manh Ellis(45), Sam Bouchard(58)
Male Youth B Speed: Brennan Doyle(26), Guy McNamee(56), Kindar McNamee(64)
Male Juniosr Speed: Alex Closset(29), Alex Fricker(49), Kyle Murdoch(58)
Female Youth A Speed: Sonja Johanson(20), Aggy St-Jacques(34), Cat Carkner(62), Teyha Rogers(76)
Female Youth B Speed: Babette Roy(24), Indiana Chapman(45)
Female Juniors Speed: Zoe Beauchemin(32)
Male Youth A Boulder: Zach Richardson(31), Manh Ellis(54), Aidan Doyle(55), Mitchell Haight(61), David Trudeau(75)
Male Youth B Boulder: Owen Gambling(73), Kindar McNamee(Semis/17), Guy McNamee(23),
Male Juniors Boulder: Lucas Uchida(25), Tosh Sherkat(39), Kyle Murdoch(39), Alex Fricker(53), Rahul Sapra(67)
Female Youth A Boulder: Madison Fischer(23), Bronwen Karnis(41), Sophie Buitendyk(49), Cat Carkner(51), Aggy St-Jacques(59)
Female Youth B Boulder: Indiana Chapman(Semis/Finals/4), Babette Roy(29)
Female Juniors Boulder: Elizabeth Vince(37), Eva Thompson(25), Mika Hosoi(Semis/18), Justine McCarney(43), Zoe Beauchemin(47)
Male Youth A Combined: Aidan Doyle, Manh Ellis
Male Youth B Combined: Guy and Kindar McNamee
Male Juniors Combined: Kyle Murdoch, Alex Fricker
Female Youth A Combined: Aggy St-Jacques, Cat Carkner
Female Youth B Combined: Indiana Chapman, Babette Roy
Female Juniors Combined: Zoe Beauchemin

Day one photos by Shane Murdoch of Youth A Boulder

Day two photos by Shane Murdoch of Youth B Boulder

Day three photos by Shane Murdoch of Juniors Boulder

Day four photos by Shane Murdoch of Youth B Boulder

Day five photos by Shane Murdoch

Day six photos by Shane Murdoch

Day seven photos by Shane Murdoch

Day eight photos by Shane Murdoch

Day nine photos by Shane Murdoch

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