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Ontario Comps: Coyote Rock Hosts First of 2017/18

The 2017/18 Ontario competition climbing season has started with the first event held at Coyote Rock in Ottawa.

On Saturday, the Youth A, Junior and Open categories competed and on Sunday, the Youth C and Youth B.

For the Open, Yves Gravelle and Liz Maffett took the top spots. There were over 150 climbers who registered.

There was also a competition at Le Crux in Quebec on Oct. 21. The next Provincial comp in Canada is at Arc in Cranbrook, B.C. on Oct. 28.

Open Female/Male Results
1. Liz Maffett / Yves Gravelle
2. Alexandra Pierce / Brandon Barraclough
3. Chrle Prosser / Kirill Kresling

Junior Female/Male: Cat Carkner / Dylan Saffery
Youth A Female/Male: Madison Fischer / Manh Ellis
Youth B Female/Male: Indiana Chapman / Iain Hill
Youth C Female/Male: Tara Pjevic / Ian Tan