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Ontario Comps: Sapra and Avramova Win Provincials

As the year winds down, the energy at Altitue Gym in Kanata turned up with the Ontario provincial boulder championships.

The two-day event took place in the near-Ottawa gym with some of the best comp climbers in the province.

Rahul Sapra and Elina Avramova took top spots in Male and Female Open. There were big changes in the standings between Qualifications and Finals as the styles of boulder changed between the two rounds.

Below is Finals results for Open and category winners for the rest. For full results visit here.

Open Male/Female
1. Rahul Sapra / Elina Avramova
2. Lucas Uchida / Charle Prosser
3. Florent Balsez / Alexandra Pierce
4. Adam Tataryn / Pia Graham
5. Brandon Barraclough / Su En Neo
6. Paul Baczynski / Willow Rigsby
7. Kirill Kresling / Alex Kuusela

Junior Male/Female: Dylan Saffery / Cat Carkner
Youth A Male/Female: Mitchell Haight / Madison Fischer
Youth B Male/Female: Isaac Leff / Norah Chi
Youth C Male/Female: Emmanuel Derima / Olivia Ma
Youth D Male/Female: Cole MacLeod / Sienna Perez