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Ontario Provincial Difficulty Comp 2016 Results


The third CEC provincial difficulty comp took place on April 23 and 24 at True North in Toronto. Two dozen male climbers took place in the Qualifications round, which led to 16 in the Semis and eight in the Finals. For the women, 19 took place in Qualifiers, 16 in Semis and eight in Finals. For photos from True North see here.

Finals Results Female / Male
1. Olivia Wyett / Nathan Smith
2. Annie Chouinard / Lucas Uchida
3. Beth Vince / Brandon Barraclough
4. Cat Carkner / Jake Tiger
5. Lia Wieckowski / Dylan Saffery
6. Bronwen Karnis / Connor Watson
7. Justine McCarney / Malek Taleb
8. Jordan Skrok / Spencer Hebb

True North Ontario Lead Comp
Ontario difficulty comp at True North. Photo Elena Zaralieva (for a photo gallery visit here)

The B.C. comp took place at The Boulders on March 12 and 13 and the Quebec provincials took place on March 19 and 20. For full results visit here. The Alberta provincial comp takes place on May 7 and 8 at the University of Alberta Climbing Centre,

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