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Puccio and McColl Win Bend Summer Competition

Alex Puccio and Sean McColl took top spots at the 2017 Bend Summer Competition in Oregon a few weeks after the Vail World Cup. The comp took place at the Subaru Outside Games.

The two-round, Qualifying and Finals, event saw five women and men on the final four problems.

Some of the finalists included top American comp climbers Michale O’Rourke, Shawn Raboutou, Kyra Condie, Tyler Landman and Sean Bailey.

Click to play clip of McColl on one of the more dynamic problems in Finals.

Finals Results Male/Female
1. Sean McColl / Alex Puxxio
2. Shawn Raboutou / Brooke Raboutou
3. Sean Bailey / Kyra Condie
4. Michael O’Rourke / Melina Costanza
5. Tyler Landman / Shannon Russell