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Quebec Comps: Roy and Smith Take Delire Open

At Centres d’Escalade Délire in Quebec, some of the provinces top climbers took to the walls for one of the best comps of the season.

The FQME/CEC National Series was the second last of the 2017 year before the holiday break and the 2018 comps ramp up. The next event is at the new Beta Crux.

Babette Roy and Nathan Smith took top spots. Top eight Finalists are below. For full results visit here.

Finals Female/Male
1. Babette Roy / Nathan Smith
2. Olivia Wyett / Lucas Uchida
3. Veronique Gosselin / Seb Lazure
4. Jordan Skrok / Zach Richardson
5. Marie-Helene Tremblay / Falco Filotto
6. Alex Kuusela / Remi Chrusten
7. Audrey Larochelle / Fred Charron
8. Shui Yee Kuan / Jake Tiger