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Results from Ontario Youth Provincials at True North

The finals Youth comp of 2016 took place at True North in Toronto. For Junior Male, Lucas Uchida was in fine form and took yet another win and for Junior Female it was Justine McCarney. Top three of all categories below and visit here for full results and for a list of provincial and national comps see here.

Youth D Male/Female
1. Emmanuel Derima / Taylor Galloway
2. Cole MacLeod / Madeleine Taylor
3. Jonah Phillips / Eliane Loftus
Youth C Male/Female
1. Lucas Oddi / Megan Lahnakowski
2. Iain Hill / Mateja Vukojevic
3. Isaac Leff / Sydney Park
Youth B Male/Female
1. Ethan Wyett / Indiana Chapman
2. Owen Gambling / Sara Macchioni
3. Jake Goodman / Grace Wieninger
Youth A Male/Female
1. Manh Ellis / Bronwen Karnis
2. Mitchell Haight / Madison Fischer
3. Niko Alaves / Jordan Skrok
Junior Male/Female
1. Lucas Uchida / Justine McCarney
2. Rahul Sapra / Ayla Jacquard
3. Jakob Elliot / Beth Vince

For full results from Ontario comps this year visit here. Click on the photo below to see some great images from the event by Matt Chapman.

For photos by Matt Chapman click here.
For photos by Matt Chapman click here.