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Results From Le Mouv’ Bouldering Comp Nov 3, 2018

Le Mouv’ Espace Bloc in Montreal hosted the second FQME-sanctioned local bouldering comp yesterday. The event was for Open, Junior and Youth A categories.

With 75 competitors, there was a solid turnout for the open category. The results reveal another very tight race for both men and women.

Audrey Larochelle took first place, beating out fellow Bloc Shop athlete, Véronique Gosselin in attempts to zones. Marie Michelle Thibault L’Italien finished closely behind Gosselin in third place.

Separated by attempts to tops, Sébastien Lazure and Julien Bourrassa Moreau took first and second place, respectively, for the men. Pier-Michaeël Lemay rounded out the men’s podium, taking 6 more tries than Bourrassa Moreau to complete the same number of problems.

Similar to Grip It’s event last weekend, the top ranking men and women saw fewer tops overall. Yesterday, no finalist finished more than two tops. Sometimes this happens because the boulders are set a bit too hard.

More often these days, however, it is because the athletes are faced with challenging coordination moves and cryptic sequences. Thus, there is more emphasis on how quickly an athlete can unlock the moves, i.e., attempts become the deciding factor. And at the same time, athletes are more often stumped not because they can’t physically do the boulder, but because they didn’t figure it out in time.

1. Sébastien Lazure / Audrey Larochelle
2. Julien Bourrassa Moreau / Véronique Gosselin
3. Pier-Michaël Lemay / Marie Michelle Thibault L’Italien

See full results here.