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Sabrina Chapman’s Titan Project Premieres Sunday

The Titan Project follows Ontario climber Sabrina Chapman as she tackles on of the hardest routes in Ontario

On Aug. 16, the long-awaited Titan Project will premiere on Instagram. It follows Ontario climber Sabrina Chapman through her process on Titan, a 5.14a at Lions Head in Ontario.

According to Melanin Base Camp’s website: “The release date for Titan Project is finally here! We are incredibly excited to share this labor of love, sweat and tears with you. It would not have been possible without generous contributions from our 416 Kickstarter backers, countless online donors and our corporate sponsors, MEC, Marmot and Trango Climbing.

“Titan Project is a film about Canadian climber Sabrina Chapman, who is on a mission to send her first 5.14a, the gateway for elite climbing. It’s also much more than that. It’s a story of one womxn’s journey of self acceptance, healing and resilience.

“Last year, with your help, we raised over $28,000 on Kickstarter to make this film. We shot in Toronto, Kentucky, Seattle, and Denver for Titan Project and we’re super excited to share the final cut with you. You don’t have to be a climber to fall in love with this short film. Please join us for an Instagram watch party on Sunday, 8/16, at 7 p.m., followed by a Q&A with Sabrina.”

Tune in on Sunday to learn about one of Canada’s top climbers.


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