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Sean McColl Gets Bronze at The World Games

Sean McColl was the only Canadian invited to this year’s World Games and it’s the second time he attended the event. He walked away with bronze in Lead.

The next IFSC World Cup is Lead in Briancon, France. Canadian going include Becca Frangos, Elina Avramova, Elan Jonas McRae, Sean McColl and Kyle Murdoch.

Finals Lead Female/Male
1. Anak Verhoeven / Keiichiro Korenaga
2. Janja Garnbret / Yuki Hada
3. Julia Chanourdie / Sean McColl

Finals Bouldering Female/Male
1. Stasa Gejo / Yoshiyuki Ogata
2. Miho Nonaka / Jan Hojer
3. Fanny Gibert / Aleksei Rubtsov

Finals Speed Female/Male
1. Iuliia Kaplina / Reza Alipourshena
2. Anouck Jaubert / Danyil Bodyrev

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