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Sean McColl Injures Finger at Munich World Cup

The 2017 IFSC Munich World Cup is going on this weekend with a number of Canadian competitors. Semis is tomorrow and for Qualifications results see here.

Sean McColl injured his finger on Qualification Boulder 3 and reported about it on Instagram below.

Bad news incoming ? • On boulder 3 of the Munich World Cup, I was trying a hard open-hand cross over move and I felt something pop in my hand. I immediately jumped off and knew it was in my ring finger… ? • I didn't try b3 again for fear of making it worse and mulled it over during the break. When I came out for b4, I had no intention of potentially making it worse, but being a competitor I wanted to see the next boulder. There were crimps on both 4 and 5 so I made the call and stopped. I knew I would never forgive myself if I tried something and made it worse. ? • I had it checked out a bit by a few physio's but it's hard to say anything without an ultrasound which is the next step for me. I know I've been lucky in my 20 years of climbing to not have had any big injuries. Whatever this is, I'll deal with it appropriately, and come back stronger. I know that a bunch of my friends have had finger injuries and recovered including @jorgverhoeven @anna_stoehr @katha_saurwein @jakob.schubert and @kilifish ; knowing that will strengthen my resolve and keep me motivated during any recovery I may have! ? • Other than that, the rest of me is fine; physically I feel like I'm in great shape and barring that one finger, I can continue to do non finger related training! I'm sure it will include a lot of core, legs and shoulders ? • Thanks @klausisele and @volkerschoeffl pictured here by @climbcanada for the support ??

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In the end, McColl finished in 53rd and other Canadian Males: Seb Lazure in 63, Lucas Uchida in 71 and Rahul Sapra in 121.

The Female Canadians are currently in Qualifications, which you can follow along here.

In 2014, McColl finished ninth in Munich, eighth in 2013, second in 2012, 19th in 2011 and 21st in 2010. Hoping for a quick recovery!

Watch the Semis and Finals here and stay tuned for a post-comp report.

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