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Sixth for 🍁 Zach Richardson at Youth Boulder Championships

Zach Richardson in Youth World Championships Finals

The Youth World Championships are taking place in Moscow, Russia, and Canadian Zach Richardson advanced to Finals in Male Youth A Boulder.

Richardson’s home gym is Climber’s Rock in Burlington, Ontario, and this was the first time he competed in Finals on the world stage.

Richardson took the win at Canadian Youth Nationals earlier this year against a strong field including Guy McNamee and Aidan Doyle.

In Russia, Richardson topped problems one and three, which wasn’t enough to reach the podium as Sam Avezou, Eneko Carretro Cruz and Nathan Martin topped all four problems. In fourth was Alberto Gines Lopez and in fifth was Katsura Konishi.

“I wasn’t in control of my head which resulted in a disappointing final round,” said Richardson.

“But now I’ve really got an idea of just how much more I need to improve to get where I want to be.

“Thanks so much to everyone for the support it’s awesome and while I wish I could’ve delivered a little more in the end, I have found even more motivation which is so valuable. And good luck to the rest of team Canada still competing.”

Continue to follow Canadian in Lead and Speed rounds here. Watch Richardson on problem four in this short video by Bea Evans.