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Squamish’s Biggest Boulder Bash is Back

This years the annual event feature more routes, more disciplines, more prizes, and more great events in a fast-paced two-week time block

Squamish Rampage is back. Last year’s competition brought sport climbing to Squamish’s annual boulder bash. This year, Rampage extended once again to include trad climbing alongside the boulder and lead disciplines.


The event will begin on July 30, lasting two weeks, and facilitating what Dr. Jeff Yoo believes will become the largest event in Rampage history. With more prizes, more climbing, more classes, and a shorter competition length, climbers from around the world can throw down in this special annual event.

Although many will compete for prizes, many more will participate for their pure love of Squamish and its associated access group. Those who have climbed in Squamish know it to be one of the most well maintained climbing destinations in North America. This comes from the Squamish Access Society’s dedication to maintenance.

Whether it’s trail building, rebolting efforts, and or community-wide communication, the Squamish Access Society has supported climbing access since the 80s. With the help of Rampage’s numerous sponsors, the event raises significant value for the Squamish Access Society. This year, the proceeds from Rampage will go towards the rebolting and anchor replacement project, along with trail building efforts such as those done to the Murrin Loop this Spring.

If you’re in town between July 30 and August 14, sign up! The $20 admission fee gives you access to all three disciplines with prize packs available for each. First prizes are valued at $535, with second and third prizes valued around $135. These prizes come from some of the best climbing companies in the world including La Sportiva, Flashed Climbing, Wild Country, Kaya Climbing, Sterling Ropes, The Hive Bouldering Gym, Ground Up Climbing Centre, and Elios Health. Simply download the Kaya climbing app to get started!

Won’t be in town when the competition begins? Climbers can still sign up with KAYA or donate direct to the Squamish Access Society. Every dollar helps build toward making climbing a sustainable part of the Squamish community.

Want to sign up, but don’t want to compete? There are options available for you too! All who sign up for Rampage get access to clinics hosted by several impressive Squamish locals.

The Classes

July 30

  • Intro to Outdoor Bouldering: Hosted by Warren Nichols, Luke Alden and Derek Walsh
  • Pushing you Bouldering Grades: Hosted by Jeff Yoo

July 31

  • Sending your first 5.12: Hosted by Janice Tay and Anastacia Moore
  • Intro to Crack climbing: Hosted by Jerome St. Michel

August 6

  • Intro to Outdoor Bouldering: Hosted by Warren Nichols
  • Pushing you Bouldering Grades: Hosted by Jeff Yoo

August 7

  • Sending your first 5.12: Hosted by Ben Webster
  • Intro to Crack climbing: Hosted by Jerome St. Michel

August 13

  • Gear show with Vendors: Sponsors and brands will show you their line and offer free swag!

The Competition

Each of the disciplines break down through different difficulty categories. Climbers are rated by their top three climbs in these categories and score accordingly. There are four categories per discipline.


  • Cruiser: V0-V2
  • Crusher: V3-V5
  • Sender: V6-V8
  • Rampage: V9+


  • Cruiser: Any Climb up to 5.10b (Top rope ascents accepted)
  • Crusher: 5.10c-5.11b (lead only)
  • Sender: 5.11c-5.12b (lead only)
  • Rampage: 5.12c+ (lead only)


  • Cruiser: Any Climb up to 5.10b (Top rope ascents accepted)
  • Crusher: 5.10c-5.11b (lead only, gear placed on lead)
  • Sender: 5.11c-5.12b (lead only, placed on lead)
  • Rampage: 5.12c+ (lead only, gear placed on lead)

Although the most important part of this competition is getting outside and supporting a place you love, these 12 categories mean that anyone can win in this year’s incredible, annual event.


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