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Support Sport Climbing Development in Nepal

There is a movement in Nepal to raise funds for sport climbing development.

Jase Wilson is a climber who is volunteering in Nepal for the winter. As a side project, not related work, he has started a campaign to raise funds for sport climbing development in Nepal.

There are less than 100 developed sport climbs in Nepal, the hardest of which is 5.12b. Most of the best climbers in Nepal have already climbed the route and have no projects left.

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There is no money to develop their own climbing routes, the cost is high. Most of the development that has happened in the past has been by foreigners or by mountain guides as part of their certification process.

Wilson is all about giving control of climbing progress to the Nepali climbers who he has met during his time here.

Climbers like Niraj Karki, who competed in the World Boulder Cup, or Pranil Shrestha, who would climb 5.13s if given a chance.

“These climbers are very talented and will be exceptional leaders within their own climbing community,” said Wilson.

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All funds that Wilson raises will go towards purchasing the hardware needed to bolt sport climbs (bolts, hangars, chains, rap rings, etc.).

Sport climbing in Nepal  Photo Jase Wilson
Sport climbing in Nepal Photo Jase Wilson