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Team Canada Competes in Chongqing WC This Weekend

The IFSC World Cup circuit is well underway and we have another event to look forward to this weekend. Alannah Yip and Sean McColl represented Canada in Meiringen and Moscow and they were recently joined by eight other athletes for this weekend’s competition in Chongqing, China.

Representing the Maple Leaf for the women: Alannah Yip, Allison Vest, Bea Evans, Madison Fischer, and Paige Boklaschuk. For the men: Sean McColl, Jason Holowach, Lucas Uchida, Nathan Smith and this year’s Canadian Bouldering Champion, Zach Richardson. Special shout-out to Vancouver-based Tiffany Melius who will be competing this weekend for Australia.

McColl and Yip will start off their competition weekend with the Speed WC on Friday, April 26. Both athletes have reason to be motivated, coming off personal best times at the first Speed WC in Moscow two weeks ago. The qualification round starts (with the men) on Friday at 12:45pm local time (Friday 12:45am ET, Thursday 9:45pm PT). Finals are at 7pm local time (7am ET, 4am PT). Watch the Livestream

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The Bouldering WC takes place Saturday and Sunday. Most of Team Canada have had the opportunity to train together at the CEC National Training Camp in January and/or the Team Selection Camp earlier this month. One of the focuses of these camps was to hone skills in World Cup style climbing. Coupled with all the training put in at their home gyms and a long season of competing in local, provincial and national competitions, these athletes will be psyched to bring it for Canada on the international stage. Friends, family and fans will be watching and cheering in support of our athletes.

Bouldering Schedule:
Men’s Qualifiers: Saturday 10am local time (Friday 10pm ET, 7pm PT)
Women’s Qualifiers: Saturday 4:30pm local time (Saturday 4:30am ET, 1:30am PT)

Men’s and Women’s Semi-Finals Livestream: Sunday 9:30am (Saturday 9:30pm ET, 6:30pm PT)
Men’s Finals Livestream: Sunday 5pm local time (Sunday 5am ET, 2am PT)
Women’s Finals: Sunday 6:30pm local time (Sunday 6:30am ET, 3:30am PT)